Re: bash History on F7

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Andy Green wrote:
Somebody in the thread at some point said:

Note, this was written in 1990 or so, when ksh was a very new toy. It
has been working untouched for about 15 years, and the only thing
changed is that on exit I now shred, purge, or at least delete the file
for security. The world is a scarier place now. :-(
Nice script.  Have a look at these guys on your box though, if you are
using KDE and I think Gnome too.

~/.recently-used.xbel     <--- eye opener

Holly crap. That is very interesting. Not something that I really
wanted to see.
I found you can set ~/.bash_history to be an empty ro file and inside a
session the history still works, for xterm-type things anyway.


I guess there are more files to deal with for privacy and security.
Time to encrypt some of these by default. RFE time.
Robin Laing

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