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Ed Greshko wrote:
May I make a simple suggestion as it sounds as if you are fighting a battle
that will continue to be fought?  Keep in mind that I forgot the family
dynamics in play.

Is your connection to the internet ADSL?  If so, why not just get a second
phone line for ADSL only and another ISP account that is dedicated to the
twins to use.  Maybe you can get it for a discount as you have one account
already and maybe you can get them a lower usage level.  If they use it up,
so be it.  You are unaffected.  Your choice as to who pay the freight.

The family dynamics are good, everyone is cooperating, the kids I can manage.
ADSL and Cable are not options in this rural area. It's either the
satellite connection or Verizon dial-up. We suffered with dial-up for
several years, we had two lines actually, canceled those and changed to
this Wildblue account which works well normally.
I need to find what is driving the usage numbers, they were dropping
until about a week ago. The solution may be to put the boys back on a
dial-up or their mother may just leave them without internet? But that
doesn't define/identify the problem.
Bob Goodwin


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