Re: /dev/sda and /dev/hda

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Karl Larsen wrote:

>     OK so you recall the Experts talking about the SD things being
> changed at the whim of something. I will then send my Bug which will
> explain what I am seeing and why it is so bad if your trying to
> trouble-shoot a grub.conf. But I do see why you MUST use LABEL on F7.
>     I am 72 years old and like Linux, and have used it for over 10
> years. I like F7 but it may not matter because after I make a bunch of
> label's I may loose touch with what I have. It also says I will not be
> happy with more than one hard drive.

I really don't see why using labels will make you "lose touch".
If you really think this, why not give the drive as part of the label,
eg hitachi-boot or something like that?

Also I don't think there is any problem with 2 drives
if you just leave them in the machine.
If I frequently changed the hard drive on my machine
I would install grub on the MBR of each drive I used.

I found the use of labels 
(which incidentally worked with previous versions of Fedora Core
though they weren't required) 
a little annoying to start with,
because it requires more keyboard strokes,
but in the end with more drives in use
I've come to the conclusion it simplifies life rather than the opposite.

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