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> > Is [babel] comparable to nagios, or more security oriented?
> >
> [...]Babel performs a security level check of the machine,
> or hardening. The check consists of a number of auditing tests that obtain a
> snap of the security status of each machine. The result is a security index
> of the system that is given after each execution.

So are you familiar with nagios? It's more of a ordinary monitoring
tool, but it seems to me you could get it to monitor security
vulnerabilities as well as how full your disk is and has your web
server crashed.

To put the babel question another way, can I put some custom stuff
into my babel config so that it will send me an alert if my web server
crashes? Or is it more intended for running at night as a cron job? If
someone attacks you will it try to tell you as it is happening, or
when cron runs it, or not at all?

Or there's nmap and netstat for checking open ports. And there is
nessus, that I think actually tries out exploits on your machine to
see whether it responds like a vulnerable system. (I don't use it - I
have enough problems without attacking myself!)

> Just totally off-topic, I'm just curious, Dave, do you speak spanish?

Just enough to find out where the bathroom is, or start a bar-fight. I
ought to be much more fluent, having grown up in Texas where Spanish
is spoken by many people. And I studied it in school for years. But I
guess I never had to speak Spanish to get by, never got enough
practice to become fluent. Que lastima! Anyhow, I should compliment
you on your excellent English. Have you spent some time in an
English-speaking country?


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