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On Thursday 18 October 2007, John Summerfield wrote:
> Lamar Owen wrote:
> > On Wednesday 17 October 2007, John Summerfield wrote:
> >> John Pierce wrote:
> >>> I booted into mandriva with my good stanza for it's kernel and
> >>> reconfigured the boot loader with the installation going to /dev/sdb1
> >>> which is the /boot partition.  With this configuration the following
> >>> stanza worked:
> >>>
> >>> rootnoverify (hd1,0)
> >>
> >> rootnoverify (hd1)
> >
> > For chaining to the MBR certainly use (hd1); for chaining to a boot
> > sector on a partition the (hd1,0) is correct, as grub isn't in the MBR in
> > that case. OP mentioned the boot was written to /dev/sda1, not the MBR on
> > /dev/sda.
> I quote from the original question:
> "There was not an option to omit installing the boot loader, I let it
> install it on  sdb."

Please reread the quoted portion from John Pierce above.  He changed to 
installing grub to /dev/sdb1; (hd1,0) is correct for that case.  For the case 
of grub going to /dev/sdb, yes, (hd1) is correct.  And, furthermore, he 
stated that it WORKED as (hd1,0).
Lamar Owen
Chief Information Officer
Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute
1 PARI Drive
Rosman, NC  28772

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