Re: kde 3.5.8 for fc6?

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Mark Haney wrote:
Olaf Mueller wrote:
Strong wrote:

On Wed, 17 Oct 2007 18:53:39 +0200 Olaf Mueller
<[email protected]> wrote:
But using fedora for a desktop is laborious, that's my opinion.
I will have a look at the next upcoming linux desktop with long life
support. That means 3 years of silence, marvellous.
I ponder the same problem. Is there any idea on what will the linux
The next kubuntu version, I belief April 2008, with long term support
for desktop, that mean 3 years.
It's a shame cause of fc6 is here running very stable as my desktop. It
recognizes all my hardware and everything performes just fine.


Here's my 2 cents. Fedora is great for a desktop. Yes, it /does/ have a shorter cycle than most. But that's the price of bleeding edge.
However, I've argued with myself over this for a while and, while I like
Kubuntu (my Mom uses it), I am sold on Gentoo. No upgrade cycle is
needed, since you upgrade packages as you want/need. Granted the one
downside is you have to compile everything, but, for me, that's a small
price to pay for no upgrade cycle.
Debian testing (or even SID) is like that.

I tried Gentoo a while go, and it didn't work well for me. I had build dependancy loop problems (having used pine for years, I was curious about cone) that took too long (months) to resolve. Cone wasn't the only package, the system wasn't really useful.


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