Re: Install FC2 in external HD + boot via floppy

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On Tue, Oct 16, 2007 at 12:05:04PM -0300, Afonso Duarte wrote:
>    Dear All,
>    I have been using FC2 for some time and now i am interested in
>    installing it in my Toshiba 1400-103.
>    Because i still need to use XP - :( - i am interested on placing the
>    FC2 on a external HD and keep the XP on the internal disk. The problem
>    on this is that my laptop does not boot from the usb... :( so I was
>    thinking of creating a boot floppy that could contain the main kernel
>    of FC2 and place the file system on the disk.

You did not indicate whether your machine will boot to CD-ROM or
not. On the off chance that it doesn't, check out Smart Boot Manager
( You could then create boot
CDs as others have suggested.

You might also be able to hack boot.ini to boot to the external drive,
thereby eliminating the need for a CD or floppy. That is how I boot my
laptop (, although Linux
and XP co-habit on the built in hard drive. Does anyone know if will detect a USB drive?

Failing that, how about a small (~100MB) /boot partition on the
internal drive, with kernel and initrd pointing to the external drive?

>    PS: I found some small linux distributions that do fit in one disk...
>    but i really need a full working distro like FC2 for the software i am
>    going to run on the laptop, so those ones will not do the job.

Have you looked at Knoppix or Ubuntu live CDs? The main disadvantage
is that live CDs are slow.


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