Install FC2 in external HD + boot via floppy

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Dear All,
I have been using FC2 for some time and now i am interested in installing it in my Toshiba 1400-103.
Because i still need to use XP - :( - i am interested on placing the FC2 on a external HD and keep the XP on the internal disk. The problem on this is that my laptop does not boot from the usb... :( so I was thinking of creating a boot floppy that could contain the main kernel of FC2 and place the file system on the disk.
I have been looking around the web for some examples on how to create the floppy but I haven't came across something similar ... did any of you tried this approach? do you have any suggestion on how to do this?
PS: I found some small linux distributions that do fit in one disk... but i really need a full working distro like FC2 for the software i am going to run on the laptop, so those ones will not do the job.

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