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Having a problem getting nant to complete a build. I've tried two
different projects and I get the same answer each time. I've yum
installed a PILE of nant and mono rpms to see if I wasn't lacking
something. Here's the end of a run:

[csc] /opt/upgrades/trunk/libsecondlife/examples/GUITestClient/frmTestClient.cs(16,65): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `Dictionary`2' could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?
                  [csc] Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings

            BUILD FAILED - 0 non-fatal error(s), 1 warning(s)

            External Program
Failed: /usr/lib/pkgconfig/../../lib/mono/2.0/gmcs.exe (return code was

            Total time: 0.7 seconds.


Nested build failed.  Refer to build log for exact reason.

Total time: 1.2 seconds.

I'm not seeing a build log either. I checked /var/log for it as well...
nada. I'm trying to build libsecondlife and the open-server project for
secondlife. They both blow up the same way. This is all new to me. Ric

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