Slightly OT: Macs + DHCPd/bind

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 Anyone on here familiar with setting up dhcpd to communicate with
bind? Can I pick your brain for a bit? I have, what I believe to be a
working configuration. Clients get IPs from the dhcp server and all.
The mystery is that only some of them will trigger an update to bind,
whereas others don't. More specifically, all the PeeCees (running
WinXP) will trigger a ddns update, whereas none of the Macs (running
various flavors of OS X) will do that.
 Anyone have any ideas? PeeCees will, Macs won't. What gives? As a
comparison, here's a PeeCee lease data:
lease {
 starts 1 2007/10/08 19:09:59;
 ends 1 2007/10/08 23:09:59;
 tstp 1 2007/10/08 23:09:59;
 binding state active;
 next binding state free;
 hardware ethernet 00:16:17:17:22:8e;
 uid "\001\000\026\027\027\"\216";
 set ddns-rev-name = "";
 set ddns-txt = "314aab3fdf5ed7eb054a0cc63549b31a52";
 set ddns-fwd-name = "";
 client-hostname "Freehill";

   And here's one from a Mac client:

lease {
 starts 1 2007/10/08 19:12:20;
 ends 1 2007/10/08 19:14:20;
 tstp 1 2007/10/08 19:14:20;
 binding state active;
 next binding state free;
 hardware ethernet 00:05:02:49:af:93;
 uid "\001\000\005\002I\257\223";

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