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Jonathan Dieter wrote:
> I've got nothing for you on the minijack-to-RCA thing, but I'd
> suggest installing the Music Player Daemon (mpd, available in livna)
> onto the FC5 machine.

I'll second that.  Using mpd has been quite nice.

> There are loads of clients for it (gmpc available in Fedora is my
> personal favorite) and even a few for Windows.

Yeah, gmpc has grown a bit since I first tried it.  I also like ncmpc
(a curses based interface) and a home-brewed pygtk app that I wrote
originally as a better front-end to xmms (to work around the horrid
gtk1 xmms interface :).

> The idea is that you're able to control your music from any computer
> on the network.  I currently have an F7 headless box running mpd
> hooked up to my sound system.  My wife and I are able to control the
> music from our respective laptops (also running F7) using gmpc.

I like being able to adjust the volume from anywhere I happen to be
sitting with my laptop.  I can be out on the deck and hear a song
through the window that demands to be heard -- with a little scroll I
can turn it up.

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