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Res wrote:
On Wed, 3 Oct 2007, Tim wrote:

The "wanka" is you.  I really hope that the next person to employ you
Dount it,, hey i'm all for giving you all the evidence and proof of
the facts i claim, just as soon as you deposit 1 million in my bank
account becasue that probably what Optus will screw me for if i
breach NDA.
I gave you a way to prove your point, without releasing confidential
As I you , you also didnt want it, your a troll tim, an argumentitive
twit just for teh sake of it when you know fully fucking well what
happens if i breach an NDA.
too much ranting below so i cant be bothered reading it, sincve it
wont make any difference anyway no master what I say, or what you say
As a person who years ago had 4 safes in my office all Top Secret, I learned long ago if I have something I'm not able to talk about, I never let ANYONE know I have it. Announcing you have an NDA is childish and stupid.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User

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