Re: PC bios confused in which harddrive to boot fedora OS: Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media!

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Excalibur Xcalibur wrote:
> Hi All,
>           This is a rather unusual situation. I have a server running
> fedora linux OS with a 650 Gb Seagate Barracuda Harddrive. Now I wanted
> to mirror the server with an identical harddrive. When I plugged my new
> harddrive in, I got the message:
> "Reboot and select proper *boot* device or *insert boot media"
> * It seems that because it's an identical harddrive (with not OS
> though), the PC doesn't *see* which one is the correct boot harddrive.
> Weird! If a plug a different harddisk than the one with the  linux OS,
> they system boots up. Any clues on how to fix this problem? *
Are you using Cable Select or Master/Slave jumpers? It sounds like
you ether have 2 drives jumpered as master, or more likely, you are
using Cable Select and you moved changed what drive is on the end of
the cable so you are trying to boot off the new drive.


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