Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

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Ed Greshko wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

EVERY LINE OF CODE is an opportunity for a defect. The only way
to make systems robust, is to make them simple.

So, the only secure line of code is the noop?  :-)

I like that! If my .sig weren't already getting too big, I'd
stick it in there!

I'm sure that I can't quote my favorite line from C.A.R.Hoare's
address, but it went like this:

There are two ways to make a system: One can make it so simple
that there obviously are no defects, or one can make it so
complex that there are no obvious defects.

I have commented to engineers many times, that systems which
have grown and grown over time start to groan, and it's not
so much that they now work because all the defects are gone,
as that the defects which remain are so obscure, and happen
under such unusual circumstances, that they will never be
eradicated, and the systems will simply continue to fail
in mysterious ways that we'll never be able to fix.

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