Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

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Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

IMO, it is a buggy pile of crap. And if I may be so bold as to speak
for Gene, that is what "set him off". Having it on one's machine is
demonstrably a cause of:

(1) frustration
(2) failing machines
(3) unnecessary making of "gurus" when we all want Linux easier
for the non-technical user to administer
(4) bloat
(5) more opportunity for defects and exploits

This opinion would be a bit more reliable if you actually had even a minute of experience using SELinux but that's just my opinion.

Ah, I see. My opinion doesn't count by means of some reasoning
or other. The fact that I designed and built super reliable
systems for 16 years in the telecomm industry counts not, eh?

Also, one couldn't make one's own actual count of how many problems
have been reported here related to SELinux, could one? That mightn't
make one's opinion worthwhile would it?

Nor would the stated opinons of those who HAVE used it be worth
commenting on, would they? Like that of, say Ralph Corsepius.

I also note that "your opinion" has never addressed my statements
in regards to industry standards for estimation of number of defects
per line of code.

EVERY LINE OF CODE is an opportunity for a defect. The only way
to make systems robust, is to make them simple. See C.A.R.Hoare's
address. You know, another one of us who's opinions don't count. The
inventor of the Quicker Sort Algorithm. He accepted the Turing award
from the ACM in 1980, and in his address he criticized our systems for
becoming ever more complex until there was no way for them to be defect
free. He addressed PL/I and then Ada specifically as examples, but
expounded so as to make it obvious what he meant.

Making systems larger and more complex makes them less secure, not

I recall when I read his speech in the CACM how happy I felt that
finally someone was willing speak the truth about how our systems
were destined for failure if they continued on the current track.
I have been dismayed ever since to see that very few people actually
understand, agree with, or even know about his speech.

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