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 I get a message from smartd logged to
/var/log/messages every half hour. I have tried to
trouble shoot it with little luck. The message is

"Sep 16 11:50:26 localhost smartd[2302]: Device:
/dev/hdb, 1 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors "

 The disk is my Windows XP disk, a Western Digital ide
disk. I am running FC6. As I understand it, the disk
is reserving a bad sector and will replace it with a
standbye sector whenever there is a write to that
sector. I don't use that disk much so it is liable to
be a long time. I tried running the tests that are
managed by smart and also the tests in XP. The disk
passed all the tests but still sends the message.
 I think I am all right, since it is only one sector.
It is a minor nuisance mucking up my messages file,
but I am not confident that I understand fully what is
going on.
 1. Am I right, that I don't have a big problem
 2. Is there some way to make the message stop, short
of disabling smartd on that disk?
 Any help will be appreciated.

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