Re: FC7 still freezing during yum updates

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On 09/09/2007, Philip Walden <[email protected]> wrote:
> This problem has plagued me since I installed FC7.
> I have an older laptop (HP Omnibook 6000) that worked great under FC6.
> Never one problem.
> I first tried an upgrade from FC6 to FC7, but this process repeatedly
> froze in mid process. The symptoms were, frozen pointer, no disk
> activity, no keyboard response, had to hard-power-reset to recover. I
> then went for the fresh new install. As I recall it also had freezing
> problems, but I was able to eventually complete the installation.
> Ever since then, the system still freezes, but only during a yum update
> or soon after the yum update completes. If it freezes during a yum
> update, the machine frequently re-freezes during the hard-reset-re-boot.
> It may take several attempts to get the machine to fully re-boot.
> The kicker is that if I do not use yum update during a session, I never
> have a problem. This problem is definitely triggered by the yum update
> process.
> Reading other reports of freezes I have tried:
> - logging in with ssh from another response, does not
> appear to be a X server problem
> - checked for kernel messages ... none in any log, it just seems to stop.
> Any ideas?

Yum cannot do that. Yum's Python code does not have the privileges to
lock up the machine like that. The worst that can happen is that Yum
stops working, waiting for RPM database locks to be unlocked. But that
doesn't crash the rest of the system.

What you experience sounds like hardware problems under load/heat. Yum
is quite CPU intensive, which is a stress-test for your machine.

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