Re: How to modify xorg.conf from command line in rescue console (F7)

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> Thank you, I did the following when Fedora7 again booted up after I
> reset the machine:
> - Stopped the automatic boot
> - Gave the command to edit the parameters
> - On the nextr screen I selected the line staring with kernel
> - Then I pressed e to edit
> - Then I added vesa i8042.noloop psmouse.proto=imps clock=pit at the
> end
> - Finally I pressed b to boot.

Hmm, not clear to me if you have made a permanent change to you boot options 
here, or just made a temporary runtime change, that will be lost the next 
time you boot up. To check, see if your custom options are now stored 
in /boot/grub/grub.conf. As root run

> cat /boot/grub/grub.conf

which will just list the file. If you don't see the options there, you need to 
edit this file to make them permanent.

> The result is the following:
> - After a shot while the screen gets garbled (wrong color depth used)
> - It was possible to see activity behind the garble, it looked like a
> number of commands on a command prompt being executed
> - After some long wait the screen changed to a visible graphics one!
> - On this is the login where one enters the username, this is where I
> assume I now have to add my real account name and password since thie
> is the first start after installation...

What I think you are seeing here is first the normal boot messages, behind 
some garble for some reason. Note that at this stage X is not running, so any 
changes you make to xorg.conf, which controls X, are not taken into account.

Then, at the end X is started and you see the graphical login window. This is 
when xorg.conf is used.

> But it fails, it does not like my username or password. :-(
> Strange, should it not set up my account at this point?

Normally user accounts (i.e. non root ones) are configured on first boot up. 
Now, if your first boot up failed, due to your X problems, I guess you may 
have never setup user accounts. 

Where you ever asked to setup a non user account ?

> Or have I missed a part during the previous install where one can add
> normal user accounts besides root?

sounds like you missed it when your first boot up failed.

> I was never prompted for a normal 
> account, though...

Ahh, that is why you don't have one ;)

> Anyway, I guess I can log on as root now and see what happens. :-)

Its easy to add new user accounts. As root run at the command line

 $ system-config-users

there you can add whatever users you need. 

When you have done this logout your X session as root, and log back in as a 
regular user (its general regarded as a bad plan from a security point of 
view to run a full X session as root)
> Question:
> How can I change the color depth used on the initial boot startup
> screen like I could in xorg.conf for the final GUI screen? It must be
> lurking somewhere....

good question. I don't know this one. Someone else probably will though ;)


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