Re: SELinux survey (was RE: Stupid F7 boot loop)

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Oops, inadvertently sent this only to Alan.

On Wed, 2007-08-29 at 17:09 +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> > Would any of you out there care to share with me any of your personal
> > experiences with SELinux being useful to you (in any way whatsoever), on
> > a single-user workstation?
> I leave it on and haven't had any problems with it for the past few
> releases. It makes a large subset of potentially exploitable holes turn
> into rather unexploitable ones and that to me is of value.

Yes, but what exactly is the value-added for you? Please give me some
examples of exploitations that SELinux has make unexploitable. I'm not
being pissy here, forgive me if it reads that way, I'm just wanting to

In the last half decade I've deployed dozens and dozens (and dozens) of
servers and workstation to take their places in production environments.
>From a simple workstation for myself, to extranet clusters for
international organisations. Never have I personally experienced a need
for any of the security enhancements that a SELinux or an AppArmor
fantasise about providing. (Heck, I've even deployed Internet facing
resources without a firewall in place, for crying out loud.)

The responses I've read so far (my great thanks to all who've replied,
by the way), are telling me that SELinux has greatly improved in the
last couple FC/Fedora releases, but that it's not yet at THAT stage of
ripeness where it reaps nothing but praise.

In a decade, I've had exactly one box compromised. And that was
completely my poor planning and my fault. I exposed a mail server to the
world about half a day before I really wanted to, because I was in a
rush and needing to do 12 things at once. I got myself rooted through a
broken Apache package that hadn't yet been patched, and I learnt a
valuable lesson.

At any rate, let's assume that SELinux is mature and ripe, that it
interferes with nothing and there are no more issues with updates and
whatnot. It's landed, and can be deployed without worry.
What exactly do I gain by doing it? What have I protected myself from?


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