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On 29/08/2007, Tim <[email protected]> wrote:
> I've been seeing this for quite a while, probably since I started trying
> out FC7.  There seems some definite tardiness in updates getting out to
> mirrors.  When I've bothered to go hunting around, I've found it hard to
> find an up-to-date mirror, there's lots of them that are lagging.

Still, the original problem in this thread is fixed. Instead of
guessing whether a user is using an out-of-date mirror, it is so easy
to take a look at the primary download site to see whether the
repodata directory is up-to-date.

Anyway, concerning your comment, Tim, for a mirror to be up-to-date
quickly after new updates have been released, it takes a passionate

> With prior releases, the usual problem I noticed was out-of-sync mirrors
> (what's listed as being available, and what was available).  You'd try
> to yum update, and it'd fail on some things.

Not every mirror syncs once a day. When I've been hit very hard by
metadata checksum failures several weeks ago, I've visited several
mirrors and examined their repodata directories. At that time, some
were several days behind in mirroring Fedora Extras, e.g. even To me it didn't become clear whether possibly they
update only the Fedora Core Released Updates tree more often - or not
even that.

> Now, you try, and you get
> "nothing to do" messages.  Perhaps whatever was tried to avoid the
> out-of-sync problem is causing a new one?

It's likely that Matt Domsch can tell, since this might be due to
ongoing changes in the MirrorManager utility.

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