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Klaus-Peter Schrage wrote:

Ian, did you ever try new Fedora kernel with the old driver, as I do? The new kernels don't 'require' to use the new driver, bcm43xx is still in the most recent kernel which works well for me. See the following link on how to switch to the new driver:
I'm dealing with the new driver now and then just out of curiosity ...

Yes I did initially try the old driver in the newer kernels to see if that worked so that I could at least keep my kernel up to date but it refused to bind to the network card. It basically behaved as if it didn't recognise the PCI ID even when I blacklisted the new driver to ensure that didn't get loaded. I'll certainly give the solution suggested in the link you posted a try. If I can use the newer kernels that's at least a step forward :-)

Ian Chapman.

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