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On Wed, 2007-08-22 at 18:53 -0700, Konstantin Svist wrote:
> I have a problem in FC6:
> Every so often, usually while I'm using Firefox (Swiftfox if it
> matters), the keyboard stops responding completely. And not just for
> firefox - it doesn't work anywhere in X (KDE 3.5.6, btw). The only
> solution is to use the mouse (!) to log out, at which point keyboard
> starts working again.
> Has anyone experienced anything of this sort?
> Do I need to file a bug? What do I include in the bug? (I didn't notice
> any logs that record an error whenever this happens)
funny you should mention this because I just had that happen with one
user on our network but it was Fedora 7

This user couldn't generate anything on the keyboard and it simply
didn't respond to caps lock, number lock, scroll lock or anything that I
could tell but restarting, this would occur after KDM login. Other users
on the same box had no problems so I figured it was something with KDE
user profile. I moved ~/.kde directory and logged in as user again and
the problem was fixed. I don't know which file it was in the .kde folder
as there were many files with the current date/time.

I sort of stopped looking for the cause of the problem because it
appeared to be a big time suck.

Craig White <[email protected]>

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