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Langdon Stevenson wrote:
> I decided to check if X works on my new server and ran into the
> following problem:
> Server starts at run level 3 and operates fine.
> When I:
>   startx
> from the command line, X loads, then when it reaches the point where it
> displays the splash screen for login, the splash screen flashes up for a
> moment, with the cursor displaying as a hash of colour, then the screen
> goes blank.

Not sure what you mean by "splash screen for login" since you are already
logged in right?

Check out your /var/log/Xorg.0.log for errors.

You could also edit your /etc/inittab file and bring up the system in run
level 5 to see if there are any problems.

> I can ssh into the machine from another workstation, so the machine
> hasn't hung.  "top" reveals that the X process is now thrashing the CPU
> away at 100%.  But no response from keyboard or monitor of the server
> itself.
> Only way to bring it back is to do a shutdown via the ssh session.
> Can anyone suggest how I should go about debugging this issue?
> Regards,
> Langdon

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