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David Krings wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
I did try install and setup at the grub prompt, but I have no idea how the INSTALL_DEVICE is called as it is to be the FakeRAID, which was named nvidia_andthensomething.
Who gave this name to your stuff. There is no such thing as a fake raid and not sure why you have it :-)
The nvidia.... name is made up by dmraid I assume as some name for the
RAID array, which was created using the RAID BIOS of the nVidia chipset.
I didn't pick that name, I'd have called it simply "RAID" or "A".

Hi David, did you have the F7 install program make your raid-1 or did you do that after you installed F7? I am writing a paper on how to install raid-1 on an already installed home Hard Drive.
I used the RAID chipset BIOS for it as I doubt that U can get a Linux
and XP software RAID play nice together.

Well David, I have no idea what XP Windows can do. And I think when you say you used the RAID chipset BIOS you are using a hardware raid-1. That is fine. But you have two hard drives with a /boot/grub directory and I am not sure which one is being used. So they both should be set up to do a boot.
 Do you know how to reset grub so it uses the proper place to find
the information? I have it wriiten down somewhere. I will look around
for it.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User

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