Re: FC7 cannot play sound on ACER TravelMate 6291-100512

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On Monday 13 August 2007 13:07, Tim wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-08-13 at 13:41 +0700, Yunus wrote:
> > In last part of FC7 Installation process, there was step to test
> > sound. When I clicked on play button, I could not hear sound.
> Did it have tabs, or drop-down lists to try out some options?  On my
> installs (to desktop PCs) there often were various options that could be
> tried, not all of them works.  You can try again from the "Soundcard
> Detection" option in the Gnome System/Administration menu.  Or manually
> issue the command that runs it:  system-config-soundcard
> --
> [tim@bigblack ~]$ uname -ipr
> i686 i386

Hi Tim. Putting aside the terrible problems there can be to get hda intel to 
work, another point to do with the sound test, is that when you press the 
play sound button, you may or may not hear the sound even if the soundcard is 
setup ok, because pretty much by default alsamixer has sound muted to save 
your speakers and hearing. After sound test has played the test sound, it 
asks if you heard it, yes, or no. So for example, alsamixer has the sound 
muted, and you don't hear anything, so you don't answer "yes", and IIRC if 
you press "no" the soundcard is disabled, and set as null, or something like 

If Yunus has done that, it is worthwhile running system-config-soundcard as 
you suggest. Then when you play the test sound, answer "yes" whether you 
heard it or not, and then run alsamixer, unmuting, raising sliders etc.

For a test sound, just running speaker-test sends some pink noise to his 
speakers.  To stop the test, press CTRL +c .

My 2¢ worth of rambling on.


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