Re: FC7 cannot play sound on ACER TravelMate 6291-100512

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

driver. FC7 was my last hope. I installed FC7 but I encountered some
problems. One of the problems was failure in testing sound. Here are
It looked good... what did the "failure in testing" actually look like?
No sound?  Or error messages?

If it is no sound, maybe it is just your mixer is turned down.  Try
running alsamixer to adjust the various channel levels.  If you don't
have alsamixer, do

yum install alsa-utils

to get it first.

Yes, it's no sound. In last part of FC7 Installation process, there was step to test sound. When I clicked on play button, I could not hear sound. I don't have internet connection, but I will try to find out another way to get alsamixer.

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