Re: POWERNOW-K8; MP systems not supported by PSB BIOS

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Fair enough.  But it leaves the question, "what does the warning want me
to do and how do I do it?"
The warning is telling you that your BIOS does not properly support
POWERNOW-K8. From what little I have read about it, the kernel will
try a fallback method to give the same functionality. If it can not
do that, then you may not get the power-saving and noise reduction
benefits that you would if it were working. You may be able to get a
BIOS update that fixes the problem, or you may have to live with the
warning. It is also possible that a later kernel will be better able
to handle this. (A proper fix would be a BIOS update that follows
the standards properly, but who knows  if that will happen.)

Enable AMD "Cool end quiet" in the mobo bios and it fixes the problem, which doesn't need any fix at all.

Cheers Petr

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