Re: I'm ready to give up Linux!!

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On Thursday  August 09 2007 5:33:48 am MoonShine wrote:
> The primary cd reader or whatever I have just says CD ROM then DISC
> COMPACT thats it.

That's your problem. You can't read a DVD with a CD ROM


Sorry again for the broken mailer...

Basically what he is saying is that he has no idea what the difference is between a CD and a DVD, which is SOMEHOW a fault of Linux.

Note to Moonshine:
Download one of the live CDs and install from there.  You *DO NOT* own a DVD-ROM drive and therefore CANNOT use the DVD to install Fedora 7.  This is *NOT* a fault of Linux.  Rather it is a fault of you not knowing what hardware that you have and downloading the inappropriate media ISO.

Conversely, you can go buy a DVD-ROM drive and install it.

Either way, this is a failure on *YOUR* end, *NOT* a failure of Fedora 7 nor a failure of Linux in general.  Blaming Linux for a problem caused by your hardware is like a drunk driver blaming the booze for crashing his car.


Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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