RE: fedora 6 kernel panic issues

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Now it just did it again and I see end_request: I/O error dev sda
transacton #######

How could both hard drives be the same?

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> once in a while (once or twice a week) the machine locks ups and the
> console had a bunch of I/O errors related to sba.  I thought this was

sba or sda - sda is the first SCSI disk (or SATA disk) so its probably a
disk problem.

> hard drive problem so I put in a second drive, and booted to an Ubuntu
> Live CD (I am a little more familiar with it) and used the dd command
> image the drive over to the new one.  But now I am having the same
> problem.  While I was ssh in the machine crashed and I saw this on the
> terminal
> kernel: journal commit I/O error

It couldn't commit journal entries to the disk and update the file
system. One of your disks went for a hike, the question is why ?

What kernel ?

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