Re: why is my wireless totally borked in f7?

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On Wed, 1 Aug 2007, Andy Green wrote:

> The methods I propose here are pretty low level commandline stuff, but
> work on all the wireless devices I met.
> > also, what should i document when that system comes up?  as a prelim
> > list:
> >
> > - any references to wireless in dmesg/messages
> > - output of "iwconfig"
> > - what shows up in the "Network" admin client
> > - contents of /lib/firmware related to wireless
> Yes first check dmesg to see the firmware went in and so on.

from dmesg (reproduced manually so stupid typoes are my fault):

bcm43xx-phy0:  Broadcom 4318 WLAN found
ssb: Switching to IEEE 802.11 core, index 1
bcm43xx-phy0 debug ...
... a couple more ...

so it's obvious that the kernel sees the wireless device.  onward ...

> The next move is to get the AP authentication working with wireless,
> only then do you worry about setting it up as a network interface
> with system-config-network.  So you need to be aware of the
> encryption on the AP.
>  - check you have a wireless interface: iwconfig

yup, wlan0, not currently encrypted, no access point, etc.

>  - bring it up:  ifconfig wlan0 up

huh?  i'm not sure why that should work yet, and what i get is:

SIOCSIFFLAGS:  No such file or directory.

nothing in the instructions you gave me talks about downloading new
firmware.  shouldn't that be part of the process?  or are you not
taking that into account here?


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