Re: why is my wireless totally borked in f7?

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On Wednesday August 1 2007 1:59:58 pm Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> before i do that, i'm just trying to verify what i *have* on
> this system.  on a gateway laptop running f7, i can see in
> /var/log/dmesgl the lines:
> bmc43xx_mac80211:  Broadcom 4318 WLAN found.
> ...
> followed by a few more lines about that device i can reproduce
> if necessary.  so that looks like a good sign.

Here's a page devoted specifically to the the bcm43xx driver for 
Fedora, which I used to set up my HP laptop's Broadcom Wireless 
NIC - maybe it will help you

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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