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Gordon Messmer wrote:
Mike Dwiggins wrote:
Admitting a lack of knowledge here, what is the best way to run an x-windows session on SSH from a remote location.

I can not seem to get Putty to cooperate at all for X-Windows.

As long as you configure Putty to do X11 forwarding, the only other requirements are that:
* the remote host needs to allow X11 forwarding
Think you pegged it Frank, I need to study up on that
* xauth needs to be in your path on the remote host
Loging in as root so that should not be a problem ( I think).
* the local system needs an X11 server that is configured to allow connections from localhost
The problem is that all of those suggested need X-Windows to download. Kinda like the Post Office in Brooklyn (OK, Old Joke).


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