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On 22/07/07, Karl Larsen <k5di@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        The kernel we all got today is a good example of a broken kernel sent
to Fedora where we try it and complain about what it does and not. I
can't believe the kernel guys didn't at least try it on a desk top and a
laptop before sending it out. But no, it was put on the Fedora update
list where we all reproted the problems. I have yet to hear anyone say
the new kernel works better somehow.

Suspend now works here.  Nice to see.

        I have been and still am a Red Hat booster. But it is wearing thin of
late. Too many things worked on FC4 but don't on FC5 but do again on FC6
and then not on F7. Even some things work better on F7 than they did on
FC6 on F7. It is not consistent.

As they say, live on the bleeding edge you sometimes get


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