rescuecd and pcmcia network card problem

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I have a notebook, where I have currently FC4 installed. I would like
to install FC7 on it. Because no DVD on it I want to use FTP method of
install. But there is a problem: the network can not be started. I
have pcmcia device 10/100 base FastEthernet PC CARD, P/N_LNADL-100N.
It works with pcnet_cs driver on FC4. This driver is also available
on the rescuecd but it does not start even if I specify some
parameters, like io address and irq. 

Looks like I need to modify the stage2.img file somehow, but I have
not been able to figure out where is the /etc/pcmcia/config file on
it. I remember that some times I must have been modifying that file
after installation for this network card to work.

Can you help?
Thanks /Peeter

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