[FC] Bandwidth Management Guidance

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I have been using Fedora for quite sometime but never done this. All
my computer in LAN are connnected via switch to ADSL modem router for
internet. What I wanted to do is to make the fedora as gateway and
control the bandwidth of rest of the LAN so that each station can get
the dedicated fixed bandwith (unlike the current setup where network
slows down if one user are downloading many files).

I searched the google and found out about linuxrouter project but also
found out that it is dead already.

I hope there is some new advancement in this area in fedora and also
hoping to use the Graphical management also if possible. I am not sure
of what I am looking for exactly. Can somebody guide me on  what to
look for and what are available to accomplish this task. I hope also
it will not be a rocket science. :-)

Currently I have a spare computer (PIII 733 MHz 256 MB RAM and 10GB
HDD) but I don't know if this hardware will be suitable for this task.


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