Re: Yum annoyance: "[Errno -1] Metadata file does not match checksum" over and over

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At 1:27 PM +1000 7/15/07, David Timms wrote:

>Now, either the mirror that it retrieved repomd.xml from could actually
>be out of date, ... .
>In general this shouldn't happen because:
>- the ~live~ mirror list provides only mirrors that are up2date.

Not exactly:  it provides mirrors that were (approximately?) up-to-date the
last time it checked, but the mirrors might be out-of-date or inconsistent

>- the local metadata cache is considered stale and rechecked after 15
>minutes {this speeds up things if you do sequential commands with yum
>based tools.}

30 minutes by default, at least up through FC6.

It really helps for yum, when using a new mirror, to first check the small
repomd file before downloading a large file.  I do this in my stablemirror
yum plugin, so I know it helps (FC5 and FC6, not yet available for F7 as I
haven't gotten around to installing F7 yet).  The checksums still won't
match, but it's much faster and uses less bandwidth.
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