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David Timms wrote:

I have a small network that is 10.10.10.x and I have a few PLC devices
that I'd like to be able to talk to that are on a 192.168.0.x segment.

Can I put some sort of a route statement into my fedora server that
will link these two so that I can talk to the 192 devices from my pc
on my 10 network? I use my fedora box as my router and dhcp server.
Eh, the *proper* way to do this is to throw a second NIC into your Fedora
server and configure it to the 192.168.0 network. Then Fedora will happily
route between the two.

You really shouldn't mix subnets on the same segment.
On a small {private} network, I don't think mixing will cause issues; at least it doesn't for me.
Simply adding a second address to the netcard eg eth0:1 works nicely.
You only need to do routing if you indeed want these devices accessible
from outside the segment they exist on.
One possible issue here: you can't serve both address ranges via DHCP
and keep then separated on the same wire. In that scenario the DHCP
server can't distinguish any difference in the requests unless you
configure responses by MAC address. If one of the ranges has statically
assigned addresses, this isn't a problem.
  Les Mikesell
   [email protected]

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