Re: How Do I Switch to KDE from Gnome with Fedora 7?

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On 7/10/07, Claude Jones <claude_jones@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Tue July 10 2007 19:23:59 Tom Browder wrote:
> > Have you tried "Add/Remove Software"? I run KDE, but, that's
> > a Fedora package and should run the same under gnome - it
> > should offer you the option to install KDE on the opening
> > screen
> Thanks, CLaude. No, I haven't used the gui for that in some
> time, but I'll take a look.

The nice thing about the GUI is that you can click on 'Optional
Packages' button and readily see all the packages available for
the KDE desktop and pick/choose which you want.

I thought I read somewhere (release notes?) that that gui selector
only worked with local media (i.e., the installation media) and that
it doesn't play well with yum.


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