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Sam Varshavchik wrote:
Karl Larsen writes:

I have been reading and learning and have decided as Timothy Murphy has to stop using the NetworkManager. It seems to add more confusion to an already confused subject.

There are a lot of iwxxx applications that will help get the WiFi working IF you know what your doing. It's clear you need to know the name of the actual WiFi radio in your laptop.

Not really. I have no idea what's in the two laptops that I have, and they work.

I think Windows will tell me this. So next I will get this and then apply it to iwlist.

    If anyone has been down this path I could use some pointers.

The overwhelming majority of laptops have Intel Centrino chipsets which -- especially in Fedora 7 -- are generally trouble-free.

Now, if you're talking about a laptop with an AMD CPU, that's probably when things begin to get dicey.

Hi Sam, if Windows is right the WAN miniport is a L2TP whatever that is. The CPU is Intel and can step down in speed from about 2791 MHz. Since you have two laptops working can you point me to any help you used? I have the latest kernel 3232 that has a lot of stuff in modules and I can get them to work if I knew how.


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