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Anduin Withers wrote on Monday 02 July 2007:

> > Here is the issue.  If I turn on my computer and turn it off before
> > it leaves the BIOS screen (that is, before booting Fedora and
> > shutting down), I can successfully turn on the computer over wake on
> > LAN. However, if I have just shut down from Fedora, wake on LAN does
> > not work.

> I add "/sbin/ethtool -s [interface] wol g" to rc.local.

In my case (Asus board, integrated nVidia nForce NIC) I had to use some 
more tricks. Fedora applies ifdown on eth0 when shutting down and it 
successfully deactivates WOL. I had to activate eth0 just before power 
goes down.

# file: /sbin/halt.local
ifconfig eth0 up
ethtool -s eth0 wol g


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