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In FC6, when on AC power, the battery icon provided some feedback regarding the charge status. As the battery was charging, the icon would show a progressively full battery.

Now, in FC6, the charge icon appears to be a static image, and I must move the cursor on top of it to see the battery's charge status.

Am I the only one who finds this a backwards step? By following certain charge/discharge practices, I find that I can greatly prolong my laptop's battery. After 4-5 months of heavy use, it did not seem to have lost any noticable capacity. To do that, I rely on the battery's charge status, and I used to be able to simply monitor it out of a corner of my eye, but now I need to mouse over it.

Is there anything in FC7 that will pop up a window anytime the battery's charge exceeds or drops below a configurable level?

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