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Warning, here I am going to repeat some parts of a rant I've made before. 
Several times in fact.

Like many who run Epson printers simply because the output color quality is 
worth it, I find I am stuck in a catch 22.  I cannot update my gimp install 
with your new packages.


The new gimp packaging is apparently hard coded in its dependencies to 
absolutely depend on gimp-print-4.2.7-23 and its plugin of the same version 

I installed, using checkinstall, gutenprint-5.1.0 which includes this renamed 
plugin, back in February as it fixed many long standing bugs such as the 
bottom of the page color fades, and now allows flawless borderless printing 
too.  I am not about to screw up my printing ability by allowing a working 
very well installation to be over-written with broken code by false 
dependencies such as this.

gimp-print has essentially been frozen in time at version 4.2.7 for at least 2 
years, maybe longer, and any support is totally up to the individual distro, 
so I fail to see any logic or reasoning behind the redhat/fedora reticence in 
adopting gutenprint in its place.  It simply doesn't grok here.

Short of downloading the new gimp and installing it --nodeps --force, all by 
hand, which will work for me I'm sure, or building it from the tarball which 
I've also been known to do when fedora ignores known problems for months at a 
time, how do I convince TPTB that gimp-print is a deadend that should be 
deprecated and gutenprint used to replace it?

Or, perhaps better yet, give those of us with the ability to DO something 
about the ancient gimp-print by installing gutenprint, the ability to do it 
cleanly by removing the patently _false_ dependencies on gimp-print from the 
gimp packaging.  That would be the ideal situation since there is not in fact 
an actual, gimp won't run without it, cross dependency.  Gimp will in fact 
use any plugin it finds to print through, or if there is none, the print 
dialog is removed, but no other function in gimp needs it or references it.

Thanks for reading.

Cheers, Gene
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-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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