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When I partitioned my big 160 GB hard drive the first two are too small. I want to, with fdisk make the first 2 partitions into one which will be 15 GB and big enough for F7.
Doing this will screw up Grub of course, but I now know what to do. I
will edit /boot/grub/grub.conf so that the new changed partitions are
right based on what fdisk prints out. This will be simple knowing what
to do :-)
I want to put F7 in this new partition and that will be simple but I
will need to fix Grub again since it will be using F7 as the grub home.
Then the hard part. I like the FC6 kernel I am using now and want to use
it on F7 which will eliminate one big minus I had to F7. How do I yum
the FC6 kernel onto F7?

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