Re: kernels going worst and worst (fc6) and no answer on this list

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Keith G. Robertson-Turner a écrit :
> Verily I say unto thee, that François Patte spake thusly:
> [snip rant]
> 1. The kernel is in a constant state of flux. Some versions work well on
> most hardware, and some don't. If an updated kernel does not work on
> your hardware, then simply reboot back into the previous one, and be
> happy. There is no law that forces you to use new kernels, unless your
> current one is lacking in some way. If the kernel you use now works,
> then keep it. End of story.

In that case I don't understand too much many warnings about too old
versions of softwares.... You can read these warnings on this list and
on some others.

I believe, but I seem to be wrong, that a new version is done to correct
and enhance previous ones, not to make what was working no more working.

> 2. As much as I'm sure there are some very helpful people in the group,
> you're unlikely to get much help with a rant, especially one severely
> lacking in detail. Keep it calm and clear and you may get an answer.

I put in my message all what I was aware of: even turning the log_error
to "debug" in dev.conf file, for instance, did not give other
information about my usb scanner.

> 3. This is not a bug reporting service. See

Before reporting a bug, I want to know if it is really a bug, not
something misconfigured. I sent on the list the error codes returned:
what are these codes if you can't find their meaning somewhere (and not
in the 300Mb man pages you refer to).

> 4. "Threatening" to switch distros unless your demands are met, will
> likely just result in a good hearty laugh all round, followed by the
> traditional "don't let the door hit your ass on the way out". Even the
> infamous Eric S. Raymond didn't impress with that stunt, so I doubt
> anyone else can.

OK! I apologize... I don't want to be kicked out in my ass! Though it is
difficult to accept that things that were working are no more working
after an update. I use redhat/fedora since redhat 5 and it used to go
better and better.... I am not sure that it is still the policy when I
read here some messages about fc6 and now f7....

> Bonne chance.


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