Re: Can I clone my F7 desktop tweaks?

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Today Beartooth did spake thusly:

There is probably special vocabulary for what I want to do, maybe even a
routine for doing it (if I'm lucky) -- but I have no idea how to look for
either. My apologies!

Let me expatiate a little.

We have a laptop which neither of us often uses; and a new local ISP with
new hardware, which (when set to) enables the laptop to connect
wirelessly in the guest room. It will be much more convenient for any
house guests who may need to get online while they're here than in the
past. (Getting an ethernet cable to the guest room would be a royal pain.)

Several of our regulars do in fact usually need at least to check their
email once or twice while here.

So I'm starting to create user accounts on the laptop. When a given guest
is not here, I just set that user's shell to /sbin/nologin -- in addition
to shutting the laptop clear down, and turning off wireless access
entirely. IOW, the setup ought to be pretty safe -- safe enough to leave
each account in existence, ready for the next visit.

But very few of our visitors know any linux at all -- most, likely
enough, have never even seen it. They'll need to have things explained
from time to time, and maybe unsnarled.

What I therefore want to do is give each new account a desktop -- size
and location of panels, and of launchers on panels a/o in drawers, that
kind of thing -- just like the one I use, at least at first.

Given that I do have my own account on the laptop, and that I have it set
up just as I do on my usual PCs, is there a safe and reasonably easy way
to carry it over to each new user account as I create them? Preferably
one that I can use as root, without having to log into each account, or
even know its password? (They'll each set their own, the first time they

look in /etc/skel - all the stuff that a new user gets in their home directory comes from there. So in theory you should be able to copy all your settings into there and it'll be the default for new users.

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