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Gene Poole wrote:
> I've just completed what appears to be a good install of F7.  But with the
> change as to how devices are being handled I can no longer find or access
> one of my IDE drives.  This IDE drive is a IOmega 250 MB Zip ATAPI drive.
> Under FC6 the devices were:
>       /dev/hda          WD 80GB hard drive
>       /dev/hdb          IOmega 250 MB Zip drive
>       /dev/hdc          Maxtor 300GB hard drive
>       /dev/hdd          Toshiba DVD burner
> Under F7 the devices are now:
>       /dev/sda          WD 80GB hard drive
>       /dev/sdb          Maxtor 300GB hard drive
>       /dev/sdc          Toshiba DVD burner
> There is no indication of the Zip drive.  How do I get it back? And how
> will this effect my LVM allocations?
Try putting a disk in the ZIP drive, and see if that helps. You may
also want to take a look in /var/log/dmesg to see what the system
says about the drive on bootup. It is possible that the new code is
not handling removable IDE drives, or that it does not assign a
drive letter until there is a disk in the drive.

It is possible that when you put a disk in the drive, it will get
auto-mounted to the desktop. If not, you can try booting with a disk
in the drive, and see if that helps - this will help with the bug


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