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--- jdow <[email protected]> wrote:

> Prove for me that he used that address to post a
> message to this or
> another Fedora list in the last month and a half. He
> said he'd just joined.
> So I went back in my email archives to look and see.
> As far as I can tell this is a typical abusive
> Fedora list response to a
> newcomer. I've been watching this behavior for a
> very long time now
> and it has seldom wavered from consistently cranky
> and abusive. You
> are a fine example.

Sorry I took so long to reply...

In my opinion, that's an undeserved comment.  Yes some
people do get abusive on this list.  But, most
newcomers receive far more help then criticism. Even
some of my dumber posts have received more help then
hurt.  But, if you start any relationship with
unfounded complaints and an attitude of mental/moral
superiority, you better expect flak.


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