Re: splitting off directories

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I put /home, /var, /tmp and /boot all on their own partitions, so that
if any of the fill up it limits the problems that are likely to be

Well, I know that /boot can't reside in an LVM (so it has to be split off).

I also have some custom partitions for storing digital camera pics and
distro images on.  Keeping these separate makes it much easier when
installing a new version - I don't reformat these partitions.

Wouldn't it be possible to have them in /home? /home doesn't get reformatted if on its own partition - correct? (It's an option, I believe.)

And I also just ignore my browser cache in my regular backup job - no
need for it to be on a different partition.

Sounds like you use a program for that task. I'm not experienced enough yet to find one I'd like. What do you use?

I just use cd/dvd creator.

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