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"jdow" <[email protected]> wrote:

I may have some "sharp words" about the spam fighting tools that come with
FC7. I have little time to play with it. And it does not like my laptop.
So I have to download a bunch of debug files so I can track it down. (The
bug is in X-Windows so the gnome based folks want me to download and
install an unknown number of gnome debug files. Go figure. When I have
time I will humor them. But it's hard as heck to debug a frozen machine
that has kicked the display out the window, metaphorically speaking. The
SpamAssassin RPMS that came with FC4 and FC5 seemed to be incomplete when
I attempted to use them in the past. And for an effective SpamAssassin
install SOME mention of the Spam Assassin Rules Emporium is properly
required, as is mention of FuzzyOCR and a couple other gems.

(SARE is so effective it was included in the massive DDoS attack that
struck Spamhaus as well. Some spammer got REALLY peaved, po' baby.)
If you run your own mail server, I've had good luck with dSpam. It takes a little while to get it trained since it's Bayesian filter based but I now get overall accuracy of over 95% and the spam identification is over 93%. I should add that I get *very few* false positives (currently 12 out of over 15,000 e-mails) and several of those were right after installation when the filter had very little data to go on.


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