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Hi Chris, do you use the sound card in your computer for sound? Do you use the sound card as a DSP engine? Does this work perfect?
I do use the sound cards and as far as I have needed to go they have all
worked fine, in every machine I've had fedora on. I've only ever needed
to use it for simple playback, music etc., and occasionally the mic. I
have never tried using it as a DSP engine so I don't know if it works or
not, but I would say this is a very specific taks, which I doubt many
people car about.
However this is beside the point. I never said Fedora was perfect and
without problems. Clearly there are and if you are affected by them it
is frustrating and there are many people on this list who try and help
as much as they can whenever a specific problem is brought up.
It doesn't change the fact that most people have no problems with Fedora
at all. So to go saying those of us who stand up and say "fedora works
fine for me" and should accept "Fedora is broken for everyone" is plain
incorrect. It isn't.
cheers Chris

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